Much of traditional marketing is not targeted. For example, television and radio takes a scatter-shot approach to marketing, imposing itself on thousands of listeners without concern for who is interested. Of course, traditional marketing can be targeted in some cases. For example, if you practice criminal law and distribute flyers at the local police station or jail. In this case, you’re going to a place you know your potential clients will be, and hoping to catch their interest.

Web marketing, particularly search engine marketing, is unique because your potential clients are looking for legal services. They turned on their computer, brought up their Google page, and typed in a few keywords looking for legal services specifically. They’re ready to hire, all they need is to make a decision. This is the easiest possible sale for your company. These people want to find a law firm quickly and easily so they can move on with their lives. By improving your website and your search engine ranking, you’re targeting your efforts exactly at the people who are most likely the hire you. By investing some time in your search engine optimization, you can also ensure that the appropriate clients for you are brought to your website.

Visitors who come to your website in need of your specific legal services, as opposed to passersby who happened to find your site, are called targeted traffic. Your website gets targeted traffic through referrals and search engine users who found your website by entering keywords relevant to your legal services. In your search engine optimization plan, these keywords are called targeted keywords. Lawyer Marketing Solutions will optimize your site for search engines so your website ranks highly in search engines for your targeted keywords, in order to drive targeted traffic to your website.

its essential to develop a target market that includes current and prospective users. Thinking ahead will get you ahead in the online marketing realm as this industry is constantly evolving and changing without a moments notice. If you are unable to adjust to new mobile technology you will ultimately lose even the most loyal clientele. having a mobile friendly site can benefit you as well as your customers as people are used to having access to information virtually everywhere.

SEO is very cost effective. Targeted traffic have a higher chance of converting into paying clients, because visitors fitting into this category are actively seeking your legal services. They did not happen onto your website by chance. You know your target market, and you know how that market looks for your services on the internet. Search engines are online all the time, and consumers can find your website whenever they want. The results are also easily track-able with the right analytic tools, many of which are available for free. You can see how many unique visitors came to your site, how they found it, when peak traffic is, etc. Advertisements outdoors, on television, radio, print, and even phone directories do not have the advantages of internet marketing.